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Create a unique experience using our booth to capture guests in 360° and instantly get a dynamic branded video to enjoy and share.

What is a 360 booth?

Unlike a traditional photo booth, a 360 booth captures high quality video of your guests in a high framerate for several seconds with the camera spinning around them. The app then takes the captured footage, and based on your preference, speeds up and slows down several parts of it. It then adds a static overlay of your choice such as a logo, monogram, or an image.

Based on your settings, the app can add an animated overlay from the built-in options or a custom one you supply. It can also add a music soundtrack and finally it can add an intro and outro videos to create a final video clip that is ready for sharing.

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Capture Your Moment

Slow-motion videos are captured by a camera that covers all angles during the 360 Video experience.
The ultimate solution for marketers seeking to meet their marketing objectives is the customization and special effects possibilities. Step and Spin!

Amazing for all your wedding entertainment, event entertainment, birthday entertainment, and corporate event entertainment. Be it indoors or outdoors, the final product is made to impress. Once you are standing on the 360 Platform, it’s all lights, camera, action from there. Just ask us and we can let you know how you can impress your loved ones and guest. The effect is quite impressive. Certainly, one of the most refined forms of branding content you can find.





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