Made with a simple idea with awesome TeamWork

Like all good ideas PhotoboothMY was born when one of member having a wedding years back on 2013…
The original and basic software has been develop for photo and video since that day and all the equipment only basic and not commercialize.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could take video or photo of people at our wedding having fun in beautifully styled sets with weird & wonderful props”…

“Just, give a try!”

During that day there is no hype on the setup & equipment support.

But it does not stop there with a new test setup on 2015 we manage to handle more than 5 event in a month we are able to get funding for batter software,printer , camera and other new equipment.

Since then we haven’t looked back as PhotoboothMY has grown into one of the best darn photo booths around!

Along with the rest of the support team at PhotoboothMY they continue to create extraordinary memories for amazing events.

There is few nickname should be remembered when you talked about PhotoboothMY
Mos, Yaistylo, Boy

Every Moment Counts

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